Wire&Cable India 2016 (27.11 − 29.11)
Published on 23/10/2018
Microstudio, as usual, will be present at Wire&Cable India 2018 fair in Mumbai, at the "Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre Goregaon (EAST)", held from the 27th to the 29th November.
The company staff awaits you at the booth C−122
Casmi−SpringWorld Chicago (03.10 − 05.10)
Published on 01/10/2018
Microstudio, as usual, will be present at Casmi−SpringWorld 2018 fair in Rosemont (Illinois), at the "Donald E. Stephens Convention Center", held from the 03th to the 05th October.

The company staff awaits you at the booth 807 and thanks in advance for the visit.

CAL2D, Camera spring length and diameters tester
Published on 06/09/2018
This innovative instrument has been conceived to get rid of standard calipers and use a camera system to check automatically and quickly the dimensions of springs without any risk of error due to the operator.
The sensibility is very high (0,01mm) and the ease of use makes it unique to check medium and small size springs having a max free length of 60mm and a wire size down to 0,1mm. The instrument is very compact and can be easily moved around from the coiler to the lab zone in the production area.
All the results can be saved and printed, hooking up the CAL2D to a PC, using our PmaR stats software system.

MCF−1 − Machine for the load control of tiny springs with resolution of 0,001 mm
Published on 20/07/2018
Our research continues to develop new products that meet the increasingly specific needs of our customers.
Presented for the first time at the "WIRE 2018" exhibition in Düsseldorf, the MCF−1 is a machine for the 100% control of the load of compression springs.
Differently from the MC54 model, the MCF−1 has been specifically designed for very small, sensitive springs with critical tolerances, where an extreme precision is required.
The gripper loading system allows the measurement of the spring without frictions, while the millesimal length transducer guarantees a very high accuracy, stability and precision over time.

Calibration Laboratory − Accredited ISO⁄IEC 17025 (LAT 269)
Published on 13/04/2018
Dear Customer,
We are proud to inform you that our calibration laboratory has just been recognized by Accredia as Accredited Calibration Lab for loads calibration (from 50 N to 25,000 N) on spring testing machines.
For over 15 years we have made a further jump forward, formalizing the quality, the experience and the seriousness of the Laboratory with the accreditation of the Accredia national body.
Now we are able to offer, as a LAT Centre, calibrations referring to the International Measurement System, providing an increasingly effective service that complies with the most recent and demanding quality standards.
This important and prestigious achievement is the recognition of our expertise and the determination with which we pursue continuous improvement, the beating heart of our capacity for innovation.
WIRE 2018
Published on 19/03/2018
Dear Customer,

The greatest event World wide, dedicated to the wire and spring industry, is only a couple of weeks away from now.
From Monday 16th until Friday 20th of April 2018 "WIRE & TUBE 2018" will open it’s doors in Düsseldorf. It is with great pleasure we invite you to visit our booth # E44 in Hall 13.
We have increased our exhibition area to accommodate all our machines and instruments, which you will find described in the attached preview.
You are really welcome to visit us and we look forward to seeing you soon in Düsseldorf to show you all our news and existing products.

See the details in PDF format
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
Published on 18/12/2017
Dear customer,
We take advantage of the upcoming holiday season to thank you for the close collaboration we have developed though out year 2017.
We will carry on the same way in 2018 and suggest new attractive products and interesting technical solutions.
But before then, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a new year full of new surprises. We are working on.
MicroStudio will be closed from the 23rd of December until the 7th of January.
If you need assistance in the meantime, please contact us via E−mail at

New MXM500−1000
Published on 28/11/2017
The range of our spring testers is further expanded with this new machine, which is now starting from the most sensitive PMZ1−100M, suitable for 50mN micro−springs, up to the newest MXM500−1000 with 500kN end of scale. With, of course, a wide variety of models in between.
The very strong mechanics and the attention to details, through the very appreciated user interface, makes it possible to get really accurate measurements, even on springs of several tons.
Here are the main features:
• Force measurement up to 500 kN
• 400 mm diameter plates
• Maximum stroke of 1000 mm
• 4−column structure
• Electric door locking
• Also suitable for cup springs

Published on 28/11/2017
The new LED3D−300 increases the possibilities of dimensional analysis of cylindrical and conical compression springs. From now and on, it is possible to measure the perpendicularity and parallelism, diameters, pitch and concentricity of springs with a maximum free length of 300mm and an outer diameter up to 105mm.
The LED3D render a careful analysis of all dimensional aspects of the springs, supporting its design and allowing accurate and fast production control.

MicroStudio celebrates the 1000th Aspo sold.
Published on 26/10/2017
Since 1995 our machines have been selling all over Europe and after 22 years we are happy to be able to celebrate with you this important milestone.
All the innovations made over the years have revolutionized the use of the aspo, making it more powerful and safe.
The reliability, robustness and flexibility of the ASP line have made this prestigious result that reflects the commitment and care we put into each of our products.

New PTZ100−AF torsiometer with axial force
Specific torsiometer for checking torsion springs under an axial force.
These are the main features:
• Torque measurement up to 100Nm.
• Control of the spring preload, in compression or traction, before the test begins.
• Axial compression or traction force up to 2500N.
• Touch screen display.
• Rigid and reliable structure.

New LED50
Published on 25/10/2017
The most widely−used compression spring control camera on board of the coiling machines has been renewed, the new LED50−V10 version improves performance and functionality:
• Size reduction thanks to the new touchscreen and new electronics.
• Software interface more intuitive und user friendly.
• Zoom function to measure different size of springs without changing the optics or losing in performance.
• Control speed over 40’000 pieces⁄hour.

TECHNICAL SEMINAR − Side Load Measurements −SMI
Again this year, MicroStudio took part in the US at the "SMI Metal Engineering EXPO" exhibition, held from 3 to 5 October in Hartford.
The presence at the fair was enriched by a technical seminar led by Daniele Lorenzato. With his consolidated experience in this field, he has dealt with a topic that in recent years is catalysing the interest of engineers: the measurement of non−axial forces on the compression spring.
The great affluence and appreciation received confirms the great interest of spring makers on this subject, and confirms that our heartbeat, R & D, is the winning way to seize new opportunities

SMI Metal Engineer Expo 05−07⁄09⁄2017
Published on 22/09/2017
Microstudio consolidates its presents in the US market renewing its participation on the “SMI metal engineering expo”, held from the 3th to 5th October 2017 at the “Connecticut Convention Center”, in Hartford.

The company staff and A.I. Technology await you at the booth 340.

Springs setting machine RDZ1000 even faster
Published on 12/07/2017
New version of the springs setting machine, up to 12kN
The full−motorized setting machine RDZ1000 is equipped with new accessories that provide a higher reliability and speed.
• Orientating unit more reliable and faster to adjust
• Length measurement with laser sensor more accurate and quick
• New ultralight springs evacuation robot therefore faster
These novelties make the machine:
• Efficient (lowest energy consumption and practically no air consumption)
• Very quick to set up (production switch in 10 minutes)
• Reliable (Able to recognize the main potential spring defects and to select them by length classes)

New 2D−MULTI−01 for LED2D−140
Published on 12/07/2017
New automatic profile projector for measurements up to 500 mm length
The LED2D−140 profile projector can be equipped with a translating table system, which allows to increase the maximum measurement of the spring without losing accuracy.
We can therefore measure pieces with sizes up to 138x500mm.
The ideal solution for stamped−bent parts or long extension springs.

Thanks by Microstudio
Published on 20/06/2017
Microstudio celebrates its 25 years of activity with its customers; a special thanks to ANCCEEM, the National Association of springs maker in Italy, for having awarded Microstudio with a special license plate.
MicroStudio celebrates 25 years
Published on 18/10/2016
Wire Shanghai 2016 (26.09−29.09)
Published on 19/08/2016
Microstudio, as usual, will be present at Wire China 2016 fair in Shanghai, at the "New International Expo Center" (SNIEC), held from the 26th to the 29th September.

The company staff awaits you at the Hall W1 booth W1A30 and thanks in advance for the visit.
Casmi−SpringWorld Chicago (05.10 − 07.10)
Published on 22/08/2016
Microstudio, as usual, will be present at Casmi−SpringWorld 2016 fair in Rosemont (Illinois), at the "Donald E. Stephens Convention Center", held from the 05th to the 07th October.

The company staff awaits you at the booth 807 and thanks in advance for the visit.

Wire&Cable India 2016 (05.10 − 07.10)
Published on 22/08/2016
Microstudio, as usual, will be present at Wire&Cable India 2016 fair in Mumbai, at the "Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre Goregaon (EAST)", held from the 05th to the 07th October.

Wire & Tube 2016. HALL 16, BOOTH F22
Published on 08/02/2016
Microstudio will be exhibiting at the Wire 2016 exhibition being held in Messe Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany 4 − 8 April 2016.
Our stand is in Hall 16, Stand no. F 22.
See the details in PDF format
Published on 02/09/2015
14−18. 9. 2015

SMI Metal Engineering Expo October 2015 in Charlotte⁄USA
Published on 03/09/2015
October 19 to 22


Matchtool 2015, Poznan Poland
Published on 29/04/2015
9−12 06−2015 Poznan Poland

Published on 28/04/2015
"The 11th (2015)China  spring industry new products, new technology and sci−tech information exchange exhibition".

booth No.13
Published on 22/06/2014
Microstudio Srl is pleased to announce that, starting from June 2014, the new headquarters will be transferred to:

Via Puccini 30

21010 Besnate, Varese, Italy

All other contact details remain the same:

Tel 0331−272279

Fax 0331−275793


Microstudio shall combine the two divisions in a unique production area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 2000 m2, always in the municipality of Besnate (Va).

Will be increased in this way all the spaces of different product lines and will also created a new exhibition area for customers with all the new instruments.
Wire&Tube 2014,  China ,  Shanghai 24−27⁄09 W1A16
Published on 23/06/2014
Matchtool 2014, Poznan Poland
Published on 09/05/2014
3−6 06−2014 Poznan Poland

WIRE 2014
Published on 13/01/2014
Published on 28/10/2013
Published on 17/09/2013
You can find us at

Wire&Tube 2012,  China ,  Shanghai 25−28⁄09  Hall W1 Booth A30
Wire&Tube 2012,  Düsseldorf
Published on 28/02/2012
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Wire&Cable India 2016 (27.11 − 29.11)
Published on 23/10/2018

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CAL2D, Camera spring length and diameters tester
Published on 06/09/2018

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Calibration Laboratory − Accredited ISO⁄IEC 17025 (LAT 269)
Published on 13/04/2018

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