Who we are
The story
The story of MicroStudio starts in 1988, when Mr. Calafà (future founder of the Company) installs a measuring camera system at a spring company.
It is likely this camera was the 1st one, in the world, installed on a spring coiler.
In 1991 the company MicroStudio is founded.
In 1999 MicroStudio launches the LED40, which revolutionized the way of measuring springs directly on a coiler.
At the same time, MicroStudio develops the 1st load tester dedicated to spring checking.
In 2005 the company is certified for quality systems and the test laboratory starts.
In 2014 MicroStudio moves into a new building with 2000 sum which is the also the corporate office.
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MicroStudio nowadays
MicroStudio is based in Besnate (VA), only a few miles away from Milano Malpensa international airport. It’s activity is mainly orientated towards exportation.
The goal of MicroStudio is to offer solutions to solve quality problems within the manufacture of springs and to meet with the requirements of the customers.
The products and the services provided by MicroStudio are based on advanced technology and are easy to use.
The machines are engineered, assembled and set up in the Besnate workshop. MicroStudio uses specialized suppliers for the machining, and components supply.
Thus, MicroStudio can offer an efficient after sale service and keeps on improving existing equipment and developing new products.
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Research has always been the principle investment of MicroStudio, which today can pride itself in a variety of registered patents.
The MicroStudio engineers design the electronic, mechanical and optical parts in–house.
The software, always developed internally, is one of the major strengths of the company. The utilisation of diverse technologies is the company’s key to success.
MicroStudio’s capability embraces different technologies in electronics, mechanics, software and optics which, combined together, make it possible to find solutions that are always of great advantage to the customer.
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The calibration laboratory
The MicroStudio Calibration Laboratory, specialized in instruments for springs, is the only one of its kind.
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CAL2D, Camera spring length and diameters tester
Published on 06/09/2018

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Calibration Laboratory − Accredited ISO⁄IEC 17025 (LAT 269)
Published on 13/04/2018

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